Big Winning Wheel

Play the BIG Winning Wheel with Matt Vettese weekdays at 4:40pm

Spin the wheel to find out what game you’ll be playing! Some games are really easy, and some are pretty tough. What will you land on?


Here are some of the games you could be playing:


Nearly Impossible Trivia Question

You’ll be given 2 categories to choose from, and must correctly answer a difficult question from the category of your choosing.

Fill In The Blank

You’ll be given a news headline with a blank in it, and you’ll have to fill in the blank correctly.

Coin Toss

Pretty simple heads or tails. you get your choice of doing a one and done flip, or best of 3 BEFORE we flip the coin.

TV Theme

Name the TV show based on the theme song.

Meal Time

You get to ask Matt 3 questions, he has to answer honestly, and based on his answers they have to guess what he ate that day.

Pick C

It’s multiple choice, and you guessed it….the answer is always C

Warmer Than

You’re given a random city around the world, and you have to guess if Barrie is warmer or colder than that city in that moment

Movie Breakdown

Identify the movie from the clip that’s played

Hits in Reverse

Self explanatory, guess the hit song that’s being played backwards

Answer Wrong and Win

You’ll be asked several questions, like “which shoe company’s logo is a checkmark”. You have to go against all your natural instincts and intentionally answer the questions wrong to win

5 in 10

You’re give a category, and you have to name 5 things from that category in 10 seconds to win. It’s harder than you think!







No purchase necessary. Limit one (1) entry per person per contest period. 
Up to five (5) Prizes available to be won each week. 
Must be a legal resident of the province of ON who is age of majority or older at time of entry. 
Contest runs weekly unless otherwise specified. Skill testing question must be correctly answered to claim Prize. 
Odds of being selected depend on number of eligible entries received.