Takeover Tuesday Facebook with Making Change

Tune in live on Facebook between 4-5 p.m. to learn more about Black history, white privilege, how to respond to racism, and the dos and don’ts of being an ally. Special guests include local activists Shondra Durrant, Keliah Casey, and Alasoba (Lala) Kelsy-Braide from Making Change. Shondra and Keliah will be “taking over” the Library’s Instagram @innisfilidealab throughout the day, so watch for their posts! Follow Making Change on Facebook here!
We are now accepting questions from the public. If you’d like to submit a question for our guests, please submit them to jmurley@innisfilidealab.ca!

*The Innisfil Idealab & Library provides an open space for the critical and respectful exchange of ideas. Please be mindful of the sensitive nature of this event and be respectful at all times.