Downed trees, power lines and flashing traffic lights: What to do.

With our region and most of Southern Ontario under freezing and rainfall warnings, there are a few things you need to know:

  1. What do do if you see a downed tree? – YOU are responsible for downed trees on your private property. For any downed City trees or trees fallen on utility lines, call Service Barrie – 705-726-4242 Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm.2
  2. If traffic lights are flashing red or blank… – Yield the right-of-way to vehicles in the intersection and to vehicles entering the intersection from your right. Go cautiously and use the intersection the same way you would use an intersection with all-way stop signs.3
  3. What to do if you see a downed power line?
    Downed power lines may be energized and are dangerous. If power lines are down, stay at least 10 metres away (the length of a school bus), and call 911 immediately.4
  4. Bus services may be delayed but will continue to operate
  5. All City of Barrie registered and drop-in recreation programs are cancelled for today. Fitness centres will also be closed. Recreation centres remain open and will be open for all private and community rentals.

You can find all the info HERE

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