The new Neymar drinking game.....

This afternoon Belgium is taking on Brazil. One of Brazil’s star player is Neymar. He’s actually very good, but is know for diving and flopping around after barely getting touched. To make the game a bit more interesting a couple of Belgian fans created this

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Tonight, all Belgium is invited to make a splash as soon as Neymar falls

Two Belgian fans have launched a drinking game across the country: everyone is invited to slip a beer-ass as soon as the Brazilian player falls to the ground. We are likely to be very quickly drunk!

The drinking game named Neymar
Stanley Vleminckx and Matthew De Ridder, two fervent Dutch-speaking supporters of the Belgian team, launched a public Facebook event. The only rule of the game that they propose is simple:

a bounce every time Neymar falls. ”

It did not take long for the concept to create the buzz. More than 6,000 people have already registered as “participants” and 21,000 “interested” people. The organizers indicated Rock Werchter as the venue of the event but they encourage all Belgians to participate in the description.

Whatever the score, this match may be memorable (except in case of black hole …)!


Really win or lose soccer/football fans still enjoy a good drink. After drinking like this, they are not going to feel good tomorrow. Even if their team wins.


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