Former Trump lawyer rocks out to a punk band called 'Copstabber'

On the long list of people who have previously worked for Donald Trump is a moustached lawyer named Ty Cobb (yes, like the baseball player) who in his past job for the President headed up the legal team response to the Mueller investigation. According to the Washington Post, Cobb showed up at DC punk show on Saturday night to see a band called ‘Copstabber’ which has hit songs titled ‘Butt Drugs’ ‘D*ck Farmer’ and ‘F*ck school, stay in drugs”.

Cobb was photographed by photographer Chris Suspect rocking out with fists pumping, playing air guitar for a song called ‘I like cocaine” which features lyrics like “I take a whiff, I feel like a pimp/but I wish it didn’t make my d*ck go limp”

“He was definitely rocking out” said photographer Chris Suspect to the Washington Post “He had his hands in the air”.

The band Copstabber is notoriously anti-trump but nobody really knows if Cobb knew that at the time. In a Facebook post after the election Copstabber previously wrote “Friday America will innagurate a dangerous toxic sack of Fuck as President. On Saturday come to Franklin Square park and let’s scare his ass away”

Copstabber frontman Dave Poole, said on Facebook the next day “I threw beer on him, called him ‘whiskers’, got a high five from him” which I guess translates to ‘no hard, partisan, feelings”

Slap ‘da bass man!

Cobb, who joined President Trump’s legal team in July 2017 and announced his departure in May, apparently stumbled into the venue after wandering from a wedding nearby.

Copstabber frontman Dave Poole FTW with this quote:

“If homeboy hadn’t left 2/3 of the way thru the set, I know I woulda spent the rest of the night in the bathroom stall doing lines with Ol Whiskers off the TP Dispenser”

Cover photo credit: Facebook/ Chris Suspect

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