A security guard gets fired after documenting five months of his own FARTS on Instagram!

Of all the ways you can get fired…..

A security guard working the front desk at a hospital in Florida has spent the last five months documenting his very audible FLATULENCE while on the clock.  He won’t reveal his last name, but his first name is Doug.  And every time he let one rip, he recorded his facial expression.  Then he posted the videos to his Instagram account under the name “Paul Flart” . . . which is a “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” reference.


He’s already dealing with the fallout.  Because yesterday, he live-streamed himself getting FIRED for it.  His boss at the hospital wasn’t happy about all the attention.  Especially because some of the videos show the hospital logo in the background.


Technically, they fired him for using his phone too much at work.  And he didn’t even try to argue.

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