Tesla's Sentry Mode Captures Two Men Keying And Denting Vehicle

If you’ve ever owned a vehicle at any point in your life, you have worried that you’re going to get door kinks in rammed parking lots. And there’s no heart dropping feeling like coming back to your vehicle and finding that it has been keyed. Fortunately, for one Tesla owner, there’s video of the two vandals.

Tesla has what’s called “Sentry Mode” which video tapes what’s going on around your vehicle while it’s parked, as an extra security method. And in Sacramento, it caught two guys keying the Tesla Model 3, and purposely opening their door, leaving a dent in the Tesla. The video camera is also pretty high quality, as in the video you can clearly see the faces of the vandals.

This is the video that made the front page of Reddit:


I hope these two are caught, because there is a special place down below for those that vandalize another person’s vehicle.

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