Kelowna ranked 8th most expensive place in Canada: rent report

One website lists Kelowna as the nation’s eighth-most expensive place to rent. Another lists it as 15th most expensive.

Either way, having a roof over your head in the Okanagan isn’t cheap.

This week, Pad Mapper released its August 2019 Canadian Rent Report.

Pad Mapper

Pad Mapper

Pad Mapper

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The report ranked Toronto as the nation’s most expensive place to rent, with an average one-bedroom suite commanding $2,300 a month. For an average two-bedroom unit in Canada’s biggest city, the price is pushed to $2,850.

Coming in second was Vancouver, at $2,200 for a one-bedroom apartment and $3,090 for a two-bedroom apartment.

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Kelowna was ranked eighth. According to Pad Mapper, the average one-bedroom unit in the Interior’s biggest city goes for $1,280, with an average two-bedroom fetching $1,730.

Notably, for January, Pad Mapper said Kelowna’s respective average rent prices were $1,300 and $1,680. In June, they were $1,280 and $1,700.

Pad Mapper

Pad Mapper

Pad Mapper

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Another website,, listed Kelowna as the 15th most expensive place to rent.

According to, the average one-bedroom apartment was renting for $1,430 a month, while two-bedroom apartments are going for $1,818.

Topping that list were Toronto (one-bedroom: $2,266; two-bedroom: $2,782) and Vancouver (one-bedroom: $1,990; two-bedroom: $2,833).

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