Girl, 8, strikes powerful pose after hairstyle gets her barred from school photos

WATCH: Marian Scott, 8, was left defeated after being denied school pictures because of her colourful extensions. Chicago-based photographer Jermaine Horton gave her a free confidence-boosting shoot instead.

She was barred from getting school pictures taken because of her hair, so she got her own photo shoot done instead.

Marian Scott, 8, was told she couldn’t get school pictures taken because of her “extreme” hairstyle. Her braids, crafted by mom LaToya Howard, were done specifically for the early October picture day.

“Marian had called from a friend of mine’s phone who saw Marian walking down the hallway going to the office,” Howard told Yahoo Lifestyle. “She cried and I told her that she did not do anything wrong.”

The principal of Scott’s school, Paragon Charter Academy in Michigan, said her red extensions went against school dress code policy. The institution’s handbook states that students’ hair colour must be natural tones for picture day.

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Global News has reached out to Paragon Charter Academy for comment.

Despite this setback, Chicago-based photographer, Jermaine Horton, wasn’t going to let Scott go without photos — so he staged a powerful photo shoot just for her.

In a striking shot from the empowering photo shoot, Scott can be seen decked out in a colourful dress, open-mouthed smile pointed towards the ceiling with her hands clenched in fists. In another, she stares into the camera lens, powerfully holding one fist in the air.

“This is an 8-year-old girl who was singled out by her school. I’m a father and I’m tired of seeing injustices like this happen,” Horton told CNN. “I wanted to go out there and help build this girl’s confidence.”

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