Matt Damon Says ‘Growing Up’ With Ben Affleck Made Their Work Bond Stronger

Matt Damon couldn’t just pick one favourite thing about working with his longtime friend Ben Affleck as a director on their new film “Air”.

Damon chatted to ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman alongside his co-star Marlon Wayans, with him having nothing but praise for Affleck, whom he’s been pals with for years.

He gushed, “He’s really great. You know, I couldn’t even limit it to one thing . I think the thing about growing up together is you end up with the same kind of taste.

“The same things make you laugh, the same things move you. I think Marlon can speak to this too, because he’s worked with his brothers so much.

“It’s the same thing when you know somebody that well, you trust them enough to like, if Ben feels really strongly about something and I’m not quite seeing it, I’ll just do it that way because I trust him.

“If he’s feeling strongly about something, that’s all I need to know. ‘Alright, let’s pursue that line of thinking that you’re probably right,'” he continued.

… I know the guy, you know, he’s my best friend.”

Not ending the praise there, he went on to point out that Damon was always “doing something interesting” and if there was a problem he’d “bail you out always.”

Affleck gushed, “He makes it make sense. He’s a director’s gift, really. All this cast is.”

As well as directing, Affleck takes on the role of Phil Knight in the flick, while Damon plays Sonny Vaccaro and Jason Bateman stars as Rob Strasser.

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