The BIG Game

BIG 101 wants you to catch The BIG Game on your very own, brand new 65″ TV!!

Listen to The BIG Drive Home with Matt Vettese weekdays from January 30th – February 10th to instantly win a $50 gift card to North Swing Golf Lounge and qualify for the grand prize 65″ TV from Simcoe Audio Video!


How to Play

  1. Each weekday, check out our socials for the Roman Numeral of the Day.
  2. Just before 5pm listen for the cue to call and let Matt know what the number is that the roman numeral is expressing.
  3. If you’re correct, you win $50 to North Swing Golf Lounge on the spot, and you’re entered to win the TV.
  4. If you guess wrong, Matt will move on and take the next caller through until the number is guessed!