The 24hr Window: A Raise-a-Thon for Recovery

The 705 Recovery Community Centre in downtown Barrie has been providing abstinence-based programming as a solution to addiction for over 200 people per week but is on the verge of closing the doors. The 705 Recovery Community Centre is a non-profit organization located at 56 Dunlop St W in Barrie, ON that supports abstinence-based recovery* programs as a solution option to addiction and alcoholism. It offers a space for 12 step meetings of all kinds, counselling and therapy as well as events, education, training and support.

Executive Director Bill Zane says “We opened the center during the pandemic. Every place that held 12 step meetings was closed because of public health measures. Addicts and alcoholics need meetings and fellowship to survive.”
On May 8th, 2021 The 705 Recovery Community Centre will host a fundraising event called ‘The 24hr Window: a raise-a-thon for recovery’. Four people will spend 24 hours in the four windows of The 705 Recovery Community Centre storefront at 56 Dunlop St W. The event will raise awareness and funds to help keep the doors open.

“This event highlights the isolation factor involved in addiction. Public health protocols force people suffering with addiction into isolation. That’s a bad place to be. Overdose deaths are at all time highs across Canada. The 705 Recovery Community Centre needs to stay open, or people will die.” says Public Relations and Fundraising Manager Christine Gordon.
Jorden Mathias of Barrie’s Live Music Show and a participant of the event says “The 705 has been a life saver. Yeah, there’s Zoom and online meetings which help, but we need in person meetings to connect with each other. The 705 offers that for like-minded people.”

Visit their website for more information about this event as well as a list of all meetings and events.