Warrant, Quiet Riot and Helix

Get ready for a night of 80s hair and heavy metal rock with Warrant, Quiet Riot and Helix, performing live for one night at Casino Rama Resort.

Warrant – “Cherry Pie”, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, “I Saw Red”
Band members: Erik Turner /Guitar/Vocal, Joey Allen /Guitar/Vocal, Stephen Sweet /Drums/Vocals, Robert
Quiet Riot – “Cum on Feel the Noize”, “Metal Health”, “Mama Weer All Crazee Now”
Band members: Rudy Sarzo /Bass, Alex Grossi /Guitar, Jizzy Pearl /Vocals, Johnny Kelly /Drums
Helix – “Rock You”, “No Rest for the Wicked”, “Wild in the Streets”
Band members: Brian Vollmer /lead vocals, Daryl Gray /bass/vocals/keyboard programming, Chris Julke
/guitar/vocals, Mark Chichkan /guitar/vocals, Gregory “Fritz” Hinz /drums/vocals