The BIG FM Awesome Awards

Here at BIG FM, we love celebrating YOU. No act of kindness is ever too small.

That’s why we’re excited to bring to you The BIG FM Awesome Awards!

Did somebody do something above and beyond the call of duty for you? Clear off your car at work? Provide outstanding service while you were getting your car fixed, picking your kid up from hockey practise, while you were donating blood, or at the dentist? Was it yesterday? Was it 2 years ago? We want to know!

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Nominate somebody for The BIG FM Awesome Awards so we can bring them a delicious lunch to enjoy with their colleagues to let them know their hard work and kind spirit never goes unnoticed. Because hey, everybody needs a reminder on a Monday afternoon just how awesome they really are – and what better way to celebrate than breaking bread!

Every Monday, we’ll drop off lunch to a locally owned & awesome business that deserves a BIG thank you for what they do in our community.


Tell us about a business (or specific person at a business) that deserves to be reminded they’re awesome below and if we visit them, you win a $25 gift certificate to Fox’s Bakery & Deli too.

The BIG FM Awesome Awards are proudly catered by Fox’s Bakery & Deli.