Four Winds Music Festival

Four Winds Music Fest is brought to you by The Happiness Mafia in partnership with Elephant Thoughts. The Happiness Mafia is a premier live music event, and production company dedicated to bringing you the best in live music entertainment.

We are passionate about promoting live music and understand that music is more than just a sound, it’s an experience. Elephant Thoughts is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing poverty, promoting equality, and creating opportunities for children and youth facing obstacles through educational outreach and opportunities.

Bahamas, Joel Plaskett, Great Lake Swimmers, Daniel Romano’s Outfit, Boy Golden, Terra Lightfoot, Logan Staats, Quique Escamilla, Jerry Leger & The Situation, Alysha Brilla, Donné Robets, ONTARIANS, Espanola, Lindy Vopnfjörd, The Human Rights, The Honeyrunners, Queen M, Melissa Payne, B.Knox, Jolie Smith, Henry Taylor, Hot Pants, Ryan Valentine, Lucy Jinx, Choir Revolution, Saikou Saho, Brank Oh!