MusicLab Mondays

April 16 led by Josh
Maitland of Red Room
Recordings and Bambalamb
Kidd of the Harbottle Band
May 14 led by Laura
Conning of Honeymoon
Phase and Route 26, a onestop
website for local music
June 18 led by John
Gabriele of Altered Fate
July 16 led by The Sohayla
Smith Band
August 20 led by John
Eaton of Touch of Vinyl &
Shipyard Kitchen Party and
Jason Murphy of Shipyard
Kitchen Party
September 17 led by
The Sohayla Smith Band
MusicLab Mondays are part of the Collingwood Live &
Original Music Initiative – a series of opportunities for
musicians to connect, collaborate, and cultivate the craft
of developing and sustaining live and original music.
A u d i e n c e s W e l c o m e d !