Big Mornings with Kris & Melanie

Wake up to BIG Mornings with Kris and Melanie! 

You could say they are a little ‘out of the box’…
Or as we like to say, they burned the box just to rock with the flames.

Start your morning off right 5:30-10am with Big Morning Show playing the best big hits and real classic rock of course! Tweet them @1011BIGFM or view their latest posts on the BIG FM Facebook Page. You can call the morning show on our studio line: 705-739-4101

About Kris & Melanie

Melanie is an award winning radio host… Kris? not so award winning but he likes it that way.  You might know him from his bagpipe performance in The Trews song ‘Highway of Heroes’ yes, that’s right he plays the loudest instrument on the face of our planet.  These two wake up Barrie weekdays from 5:30am-10am with the Biggest Hits Of All Time! don’t miss all your entertainment, gossip and Hollywood headlines with Melanie’s BIG Talk at 6:40am & 8:40am and an endless cavalcade of phone calls, laughs with whatever irreverent commentary Kris can make on the daily news!


You can follow Kris @bigkrisradio and Melanie @m3laniemartin

Every day there’s something fun happening on the show! Call in for your chance to play:

  • Monday – Bagpipe Hero We play a rendition of a popular song or tv/movie theme done on the bagpipes and you have to name the artist and song!
  • Tuesday – Just The Tip A very very short 2 second clip of a song from the BIG FM catalogue.  ID the artist and title and you win!
  • Wednesday – Last Word with Melanie Square off against Melanie with random topics like ‘sports stadiums’ ‘Things you do in the shower’ or ‘famous bald men’ if you can outlast her then you win!
  • Thursday – Stuff You Should Know! This is when we ask you simple rapid fire questions like, what’s 2+2? Get 5 questions right within 30 seconds and you win!
  • Friday – Know it all We do the trivia for you and it’s up to you to guess who will win! Bet on correctly on either Kris or Melanie and you’re a winner!